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Exercise No. 20: Bill of Material (for Maintenance)

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) A bill of material has to be created by the Plant Maintenance (PM) department in SAP PM System. For doing this, the maintenance employee must identify the main spare parts (Excel spreadsheet) of the equipment that should be considered as part of the BOM taking into consideration business requirements.

b) After that, it must be taken into account if the equipment is an asset or not from the technical point of view. Based on this decision it will be decided if a material BOM or equipment BOM is to be created.

c) If the equipment is not an asset, a material BOM has to be created. However, in order to do a material BOM, the material type for the header of the BOM has to be requested.

d) If, on the other hand, the equipment is an asset (based on the technical characteristics of the equipment), an equipment BOM has to be created.

e) After deciding on the type of the BOM to be created, the maintenance responsible has to check if the material number is existing for the spare parts.

f) In case the material numbers is available, then it has to be added to the excel template. If on the other hand, the material numbers is not available, it has to be requested.

g) After receiving the material numbers for the BOM, it has to be added to the respective excel template.

h) Finally, for both options, the filled excel template has to be sent to the Integrity & Maintenance department to be checked from the technical point of view and the process ends in completing this stage.