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Exercise No. 16: Assigning Material Master Records to Vendors

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) The purchasing department needs to assign material master records to vendors in SAP ERP System, in order to know which materials are to be purchased from which vendor.

b) The first step in this process is to create an info record by the purchasing employee.

c) In the initial screen, info record parameters have to be defined, which are: the vendor, the material, the purchasing organization and the plant.

d) After that, the entries may be confirmed now.

e) In the next step, info records general data have to be defined. The purchasing employee needs to specify reminder parameter 1, 2 and 3 in this step.

f) After defining the general data, the purchasing organization data have to be defined also. Following entries have to be defined at the same time: planned delivery time, purchasing group, standard quantity and the net price. After that, the entries have to be confirmed again.

g) In the next step, the conditions have to be defined in which discounts have to be added.

h) In order to add a discount, the condition type “RA01” and the percentage rate have to be defined. Upon entering the percentage rate, the system calculates the price automatically.

i) After that,  the entries may be confirmed again, and the purchasing employee may now assign purchased items to sources (vendors) and the process is finally completed by Assigning Material Master Records successfully to vendors.