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Exercise No. 13: Sales and Operations Planning (SOP)

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) needs to be maintained in the Production department by the Production Assistant using SAP ERP system to derive the independent & dependent demand.

b) First, to create the independent demand, the planning data needs to be transferred to demand management. In doing this, demand transfer parameters like: “specifying the material”, “specifying the plant”, “selecting a time frame”, “inserting the planning data” and “defining the requirements type” are to be defined at the same time.

c) In the next step, the entries has to be confirmed and as a result the transferred planned data version are displayed. To complete the transfer, “transfer now” field has to be selected. In doing so, the independent demand are created now.

d) The dependent demand now has to be derived from the independent demand, which is done with Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – this step is based on the Bill of materials (BOM), the routings and the capacity of the work centers concerned.

e) The MRP run needs to be executed now and the MRP parameters (using Planning data) are to be defined.

f) MRP Parameters to be determined at the same time are: “specifying the plant”, specifying the processing key – Regenerative Planning (NEUPL) will be used as processing key, based on the plant master data”, “specifying category of Purchase Requisition – based on the Purchase Requisition for the Planning data”, “specifying category of delivery schedule lines – taking into account delivery schedule lines”,  “specifying category of MRP list”, “defining planning mode – this field allows alternative entries: Reactivate planning dates, delete planning dates or re-explode BOM” and “defining scheduling”.

g) After defining the MRP parameters, all entries have to be confirmed. Upon confirming, the system displays a warning message “Please check input parameters”. Executing the entries again, results in exploding the BOM and determining the dependent requirements. In this step the system basically checks two options: to purchase the materials (create PRs – through external service providers) or to produce the materials in-house (create planned production orders). Both options are then united again and the dependent demand is created/derived.

h) Finally, the independent & dependent demand created are combined and the Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) process is successfully maintained.