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Exercise No. 27: Commitment & Invoice

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) Upon receipt of a Commitment & Invoice process by the monetary department, the Funds Committer needs to post a funds commitment in SAP ECC System based on the Service details.

b) To post the funds commitment, the following entries need to be defined at the same time: document type 11 “Commitment without workflow” has to be selected and also company code and currency have to be defined.

c) In the next step, commitment posting details has to be defined at the same time, which are: commitment item, funds centre, fund and functional area.

d) After entering the posting details, the document has to be saved.

e) In the next step, one may refer to the posting report to see the result of the posting. In the Initial screen following entries needs to be defined: the funds, the funds centre group CVALL and the CI Group CIVITAS. Executing the entries, displays the posting report.

f) The next step in this process has to be done by the Accounts Payable department, in which the AP Processor first receives the invoice from the external service provider (Infrastructure).

g)Upon receipt of the Invoice, the AP_Processor needs to post the invoice (create payment request). However, to perform this step, two important processes have to be performed first, which are: Maintaining Vendor Master Data & Creating a Cost Centre (CC).

h) In the Initial screen in maintaining vendor master data, vendor, company code, purchasing organization and Account group has to be specified at the same time.  In the next tab vendor address data has to be specified. After that, European VAT ID and tax file number needs to be maintained. The next entry is to define the bank details. In the next tab, the reconciliation account “part of CI Group CIVITAS document) has to be specified following by defining payment terms and Incoterms. After entering the vendor details, the new vendor may be now saved resulting in Vendor master data maintained. The next process which is creating a cost centre (CC) has to be performed in order to maintain the cost centre assignment. In the Initial screen, a name for the CC and the validity period have to be defined. Confirming the entries afterwards, displays the master data screen. In this screen, following entries has to be defined at the same time: the name, the person responsible, the cost centre category (Service), the business area, the currency and also the cost centre has to be assigned to the cost centre group. One may save the entries now and as a result, the Cost Centre Assignment is maintained now.

j) Bundling the vendor master data and the cost centre assignment, creates the payment request.

k) In the Initial screen, the document type “KR – Vendor Invoice”, the newly created vendor (using Vendor master data), the current period, the commitment item, the fund and the funds center are to be defined.

l) In the next screen, the tax code and enabling automatic tax calculation has to be defined. The newly created Cost Centre has also to be further assigned.

m) The AP Processor may save the Posting, resulting in displaying the Payment Request in the Posting Report.       

n) In the next step, the AP Processor can display the document and the system will display the document status “Parked”. In this case he has to release the parked document, which can be done by customizing the document.

o) In customizing the document, the AP Processor has to assign request category to FI document type, in which the request category “payment request” has to be further linked to the document type. Then, he has to control the processing of request categories, in which the workflow has to be further assigned to the specific request type.

p) After completing the Customizing process, he may now post the payment request. In order to do so, posting details has to be defined. Executing the Entries, results in displaying a list of matching documents.

q) The corresponding document has to be selected via checkbox and then the document has to be posted. Finally, the Commitment and Invoice process is successfully maintained.