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Exercise No.10: Project Implementation

Transfer the following verbal description into a BPMN:

a) On receiving an order, to implement a Project, the Controlling department starts to plan the project based on the project informations and business requirements, needs & resources.

b) On planning the project the Controller has to define budget planning during mid-term planning phase (based on the MTP document), define internal & external costs based on the department budget at the same time.

c) Then, the controller has to obtain budget for the project and submit budget request using the Application for Budget Release (ABR).

d) If the budget is not approved the process starts again at planning the project phase. Once the budget is approved, the project has to be set up in SAP by the Controller.

e) In the next step, he runs & keeps tracks of the project in SAP. At this stage a Budget overdraft risk may occur.

f) If the budget is exceeded, the controller has to get budget again for the project. In case the budget is not exceeded, he has to close the project and the process ends at implementing the project successfully.