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Exercise No. 41: Hospital Administration

Transfer the following verbal description into an ERM

a) The Hospital (Hosp-#) has many OP-Rooms (OP-#), one or more Bed Houses (BH-#), many Emergency Rooms (ER-#), one Technical Management (TM-#) and one Administration (Adm-#). All these entities are uniquely assigned to the Hospital.

b) The Technical Management consists of the Medical Technicians (MedT-#), the IT Service (IT-#) and the Facility Managers (FM-#). They are all uniquely assigned to the Technical Management.

c) The Facility Managers maintain the building of the Hospital. They also provide this service to other Hospitals. The only Chief of Hospital (CoH-#) manages only one Hospital and also gives orders concerning the building maintenances.

d) The IT-Service supports the only Administration. The Administration can get its support from one ore more IT Services. The Medical Technicians are in relation with the OP Rooms, as service maintenance. This relation is uniquely supervised by the Administration.

e) The Chief of Hospital orders new devices for the Medical Technicians.

f) The Emergency Rooms are either Surgery or Medical Support. Surgery (staff) coordinates the OP Rooms. The relationship between Bed Houses and Medical support is care planning.

g) The Sterilisation/Cleaning (SC-#) departments sterilise the OP Rooms and clean the Bed Houses.