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Internal Order

German Translation

innerbetrieblicher Auftrag


Accounting with SAP R/3

Short Description

Instrument used to monitor costs and, in some instances, the revenues of an organization.
Internal orders can be used for the following purposes:
Monitoring the costs of short-term jobs
Monitoring the costs and revenues of a specific service
Ongoing cost control
Internal orders are divided into the following categories:
Overhead orders
Overhead orders can be used for short-term monitoring of the indirect costs arising from jobs. They can also be used for continuous monitoring of subareas of indirect costs. Overhead orders can collect plan and actual costs independently of organizational cost center structures and business processes, enabling continuous cost control in the enterprise.
Investment orders
Investment orders monitor investment costs that can be capitalized and settled to fixed assets.
Accrual orders
Accrual orders monitor period-based accrual between expenses posted in Financial Accounting and accrual costs in Controlling.
Orders with revenues
Orders with revenues monitor the costs and revenues arising from activities for partners outside the organization, or from activities not belonging to the core business of the organization.
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