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IMG (Implementation Guide)

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Accounting with SAP R/3

Short Description

Tool for configuring the SAP System to meet customer requirements. The Implementation Guide (IMG) explains all the steps in the implementation process, tells you the SAP standard (factory) Customizing settings and describes the system configuration activities. The hierarchical structure of the IMG is based on the application component hierarchy and lists all the documentation which is relevant for implementing the SAP System. The main component of the Implementation Guide is the IMG activities which go to Customizing, where the relevant system settings are made. You can also document projects in the IMG.
The SAP Reference IMG contains all IMG activities, sorted by application component and into General settings and Enterprise structure.
The Enterprise IMG is a subset of the SAP Reference IMG containing only the IMG activities required for the application component to be implemented. (Note: The Enterprise IMG no longer exists after R/3 Release 4.6A.)
The Project IMG is a subset of the Enterprise IMG (until Release 4.5B) or the SAP Reference IMG (from Release 4.6A) containing the IMG activities required for the application component to be implemented in a specified Customizing project. Project views can be based on a Project IMG and specified attributes, for use in Release Customizing (Delta Customizing or Upgrade Customizing).
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