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Workshop 1.2b

Science Communication - Promote Your Research!

Science is of central importance for society. How society thinks about science and scientists is significantly influenced by communicative processes. And even your own career in science is not solely dependent on the quality of science. Nowadays, good communication is an effective tool - for the benefit of science and your scientific career. It is worthwhile to improve the target group-specific approach towards important stakeholders such as politics, the media, but also the own scientific community. This workshop offers you information and reflection for a more successful communication.

Target group

Participants of the WU PPP, who would like to gain an insight into modern science communication.


In the field of tension between powerful stakeholders and your own scientific community, many communication channels are used in modern science. The workshop aims to enable you to identify the essential channels and thus to build up a targeted and resource-saving communication.

  • Society's perception of science.

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders.

  • The most important communication channels of science communication.

  • Target group specific communication.

  • The successful press strategy: What makes the media tick?

  • Communication in the fabric of brands: I and we - and the WU.

In cooperation with the Marketing & Communication Department, you will additionally be informed about the following contents on the second day:

  • How can I visibly communicate my research at WU?

  • What communication channels are available at WU?

  • How does WU support you as an employer and increase the effectiveness of your communication plans?


The workshop is generally characterized by structured impulse sessions given by the lecturer, which are continuously supplemented by interactive reflection phases. In this way, a good mix of theoretical knowledge and practical media training should be offered.
Additionally, there will be a session specifically focussing on communication at the WU.


Dirk Hans

Profile picture of the trainer Dirk Hans

Dirk Hans teaches science communication at the Universities of Oldenburg and Luxembourg. A trained marine biologist and science journalist, he also holds an MBA and has supported institutional science communication for over 20 years with his agency scienceRELATIONS. He has headed communications departments at research centers and universities and is a member of the Siggener Kreis. Dirk Hans was born in 1971 and lives in Hannover, Germany.

Mag.(FH) Raffael Fritz

Profilbild eines ca. 40-jährigen Mannes, braune Haare und Vollbart

Raffael Fritz has been responsible for WU's national and international research communication since 2023.

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