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Parallel Currency

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Accounting with SAP R/3

Short Description

Accounts in FI can be managed in local currency as well as two other parallel currencies. You can define, for each company code, whether parallel currencies will be used, and if so, which currencies will be configured. You can choose between:
Group currency (unique for each client)
Global company currency (Currency of the company to which the company code belongs)
Hard currency (defined in the countries table)
Index currency (defined in the countries table)
If you manage accounts with parallel currencies, you can see amounts in those currencies even at the document level. At the same time, G/L account transaction figures will be updated in the parallel currencies. No other measures are required for the group currency. You define a ledger in which transaction figures are managed for all other parallel currencies.
The parallel currencies' functionality corresponds for the most part to that of the local currency. Amounts are automatically calculated during posting, but can also be entered explicitly. The predefined currency tolerances are checked by the system in this case as well.
Foreign currency valuation and exchange rate differences occur equally for the parallel currencies. The rules and procedures for the local currency also apply for parallel currencies in this case.
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