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Parked Document

German Translation

vorerfaßter Rechnungsbeleg


Accounting with SAP R/3

Short Description

Parked data of a vendor invoice saved in the SAP System using the Park Incoming Invoice function.
You park invoice documents if:
Important information for posting the invoice document is still missing (in this case, the balance may not be zero for example)
The business process of invoice entry is performed in several steps (by both clerks responsible purely for invoice entry and by invoice verification staff for instance)
When parking documents, you must populate at least the following fields:
Document date
Invoicing party
Account assignment objects
The following updates take place:
Document changes are logged
Data for advance tax returns
Index for duplicate invoice check
Vendor open items
PO history
Parked invoice documents can later be changed, completed, deleted, or posted.
However, they can no longer be put on hold.
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