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Betriebsrat für das wissenschaftliche Personal

Pension fund - Information on the WU pension plan

In addition to the retirement insurance required by law, WU also has its own company pension plan (Betriebspension).

This provides WU employees with an alternative form of savings for retirement in addition to the statutory pension. Under this plan, all payments into an individual’s pension pot have already been made by the time he or she retires, and the contributions of currently active employees are not required, unlike for statutory pension plans. Company pension plans like this one are organized by private pension funds, who manage and invest the company pension plan’s capital.

WU has established its own pension plan for its employees with the Valida pension fund, and accordingly makes employer contributions for all employees who have worked at WU for more than two years.

Employees can choose from a variety of investment strategies. Further information on the company pension plan is available online (please scroll down the page for information in English provided by the pension fund).

In cooperation with the Administrative Staff Council and the Personnel Office, the Academic Staff Council organizes regularly scheduled info sessions to give employees the opportunity to find out what they need to know about the pension plan. At these events, employees have the chance to talk directly to representatives of the Valida pension fund and ask questions about current regulations.

The next info session, which will be held partly in English, is scheduled for November 21, 2018 at 10 am. You will be sent an invitation in due time before the event.


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