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Structure & Content

The Master Marketing is a full-time program which takes 4 semesters. Over the course of studies students acquire theory-based knowledge and methodological skills with a strong practice orientation.

First Year

In the courses of the first year you develop the core knowledge and skills. You will gain thorough grounding in the areas of customer-focused marketing and consumer behavior, research tools and planning techniques, as well as strategic and instrumental aspects of marketing. Furthermore, you will start linking ideas from different areas of your study subjects.

1st Semester – Foundation

2nd Semester – In-depth Knowledge

Second Year

In the second year students can specialize in the areas of their interests through several electives to choose from. Additionally, students have the option to develop more towards the qualification as a marketing specialist / executive function or an academic / advanced marketing management consulting career. The second year also offers opportunities to gain international experience through an exchange semester at a partner university or – for selected students – through a double degree with the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Italy.

3rd Semester – Specialization

4th Semester – Synthesis

Courses of the 1st and the 3rd semester are only offered during the winter semester; courses of the 2nd and the 4th semester are only offered during the summer semester. For detailed information on the courses please use our learning platform.
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