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Automatic Account Assignment

German Translation

automatische Kontenzuordnung


Accounting with SAP R/3

Short Description

You can define automatic account assignments and defaults in the cost element master data record (Cost Center Accounting menu "Master data -> Cost element") or in the IMG using step "Maintain automatic account assignment". The cost element master data record can determine these assignments per controlling area, and the IMG per company code, business area, and/or valuation area. Both information sources appear for valuation at the following times:
1. Before new posting row data is entered (for example, during row-by-row entry of an FI document), the default account assignment is determined on the basis of company code and account number. The SAP R/3 System creates an assignment which is then displayed in front of the posting row and can be overwritten. Account assignment follows these rules:
a) If you used the IMG step for definition per company code, account, and business area or valuation area, the system does not find an assignment since neither business nor valuation area are known.
b) If you used the IMG step to save an automatic assignment per company code and account, this becomes the default.
c) If you did not save an automatic assignment in the IMG step, the default is taken from the cost element master data record.
2. If you do not enter a CO account assignment object for a CO-relevant row, the system searches for an automatic assignment. This is the case in particular for automatically created posting rows, such as for price differences, small amounts, exchange rate differences, or discounts.
The derivation uses the most detailed assignment available, meaning:
a) The SAP R/3 System searches first in the IMG assignment per company code, account, business area and/or valuation area. This is possible only if the business/valuation area is known for the posting row.
b) If the system finds no assignment, it continues by using the account saved in the IMG step, by company code and account.
c) Should this fail, the system uses the default value from the cost element master data record.
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