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Allocation Field

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Accounting with SAP R/3

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The "allocation field" is populated automatically onto line items, during document entry, based on the default sort indicator set in the master record.
The allocation field can be a combination of up to 4 fields with a maximum of 18 characters. For example, to display the document number (10 characters) and the posting date (6 characters), these 2 field names are included in the allocation field definition.
For example, if the sort key is set to purchase order number, in the business partner master record, then the allocation field on the business partner line item is populated with the purchase order number.
However, if the sort key is set to cost center in a general ledger master record, then the allocation field, on the general ledger line item is populated with the cost center when that expense account is used.
Users can make a manual entry in the field "allocation" during document entry to turn off the default value.
Initial line item sorting in line item display and clearing functions is based on the allocation field.
Some examples of the standard delivered sort keys are: 001-Posting date, 002-Document number, fiscal year, 003 - Document date.
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