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Harald Amberger, PhD, MSc, BSc

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Photograph: Harald Amberger

Harald Amberger is a research assistant post doc at the Tax Management Group of WU. He obtained his Doctoral Degree “sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae” graduating from the Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation (DIBT). He also holds a master’s degree in Finance & Accounting from WU. His research interests lie in the effect of taxes on real corporate decisions (e.g., financing and investment decisions, organizational form choices, payout policy) and he applies empirical archival as well as experimental methods. He was a visiting researcher at the University of Iowa and is an ongoing guest researcher at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt. Before re-joining WU, he held a post doc position at the University of Graz.

Harald successfully defended his thesis on 18.05.2017


Core Discipline: Business