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Tools & Online Services

Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist aktuell nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Please make yourself familiar with all tools and online services and don't forget to activate your WU accounts (MS Teams, WU email address, etc.). Under the section PC labs you can find information on how to print or scan documents at WU. In case of problems with your IT setup (WIFI, etc.), please directly contact or visit the IT Support Center on campus WU at D2.0191.

Course catalog

All courses that are available to incoming students can be found in our ”Course Catalog".

You can use the filter function to find the courses that fit your requirements.


LPIS is WU’s course registration system. In order to log in, you need your student ID number (without the “h”) and a password. You should have received a nomination letter from your exchange coordinator at your home university containing this information. If you have not received the nomination letter, please contact your coordinator at WU immediately.

For more information about course registration, please refer to our info page and to our FAQs.

Course planner tool

To help you plan your semester in detail, we recommend the LV-Planer online course planning tool provided by the Austrian Student’s Union at WU (ÖH WU).

Since attendance is mandatory in all classes, you need to make sure that your courses do not overlap. This application allows you to view various course combinations in an online calendar. You can use it to check your semester schedule for possible conflicts and to compare alternative combinations of courses. The application is not connected to your course registration – you still have to register via LPIS!

Since this tool is not directly offered by WU, your WU login data will not work. Please create an account.

Wi-Fi Access

You can use Wi-Fi on your notebook or on your smartphone throughout the entire WU campus. You can find your individual Wi-Fi password on your nomination letter. Public surfstations and PC labs offer internet access as well. However, you have to log in with your login data first.

You can find information on how to use the campus Wi-Fi here.


We recommend that you use WU’s email service for communicating with lecturers and the International Office. Please make sure to check your account regularly.

You can login at using your email address (h+student ID and your password.

Fellow students can send you emails using h+your student ID

You can find more information about our webmail service and instructions on how to link your WU mailbox to your smartphone or desktop client here.

Please ALWAYS indicate your WU student ID number when contacting lecturers or International Office staff!


LEARN is WU’s learning and information portal for students. It helps you to organize your studies and facilitates direct exchange with fellow students and teachers.

On this platform, you will find details on the courses you are registered for, including the syllabi, course materials, assignments, etc., and you may also have to upload homework on LEARN. Many lecturers share news and updates on their courses via this platform.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the platform before the semester starts. You can find a step-by-step overview in the MyLEARN Guide.

Controlpanel application

The Controlpanel application allows you to check and modify a variety of settings related to your WU student account, like changing your WU password or your Wi-Fi password.

Office 365 ProPlus

All registered students of WU Vienna who have an Office 365 email account at WU, can obtain the software.

To download the office package, click on the gear-wheel symbol within your email account. Click on "Office 365 Settings" and then on "Software".

Please note, for activation you need to enter your email adress in the format "".

For further information, please contact ÖH WU or visit their website (German).

MS Teams

Activating your account

Microsoft Teams is used in many classes for online sessions. Please complete the following steps to activate your WU student account for Microsoft Teams:

  1. Go to WU's Controlpanel application.

  2. Click on "My email" and "Configure Office365".

  3. Read the Office365-disclaimer and click on the checkbox next to "I have read the Office365-disclaimer and accept" and submit it.

  4. Choose "Full functionality (E-Mail, Skype4Business, Teams, Sharepoint, Yammer, Onedrive) and submit it again.


The activation can take up to 24 hours. Then you can login to Microsoft Teams with your WU account:

  1. Visit the page

  2. Fill in your You will be forwarded to WU's login page.

  3. Login with your hStudent-ID or and your WU account password.


In case of technical problems, please contact (only requests sent from a WU email address will be answered).

Participating in classes via MS Teams

Course instructors might create a Team for a class and add you to this team, or they might just set up webconferences on certain dates. In this case, they will send you a link to join.


Activating your account

Zoom is used in many classes for online sessions. Please complete the following steps to activate your WU account for Zoom:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on „Sign in – Configure your account“. This will take you to WU's Central Login Page. There, please log in using your WU account details. Your Zoom account will now be configured automatically. Go to "Settings" if you would like to change any of your account settings.


If you use Zoom in a browser, please note that this currently only works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Chromium Edge. We strongly recommend that you download the Zoom desktop app, as it has more functions than the browser version: Please follow the instructions on your laptop or PC to download the app.

Participating in classes via Zoom

Course instructors have the option of embedding the Zoom webconferences in MyLearn. Please follow these steps:

  • Click on a course in MyLearn.

  • In the menu on the left, click on "webconference".

  • Then click on „Start Zoom“.

  • You will then see a list of all the planned Zoom webconferences for this course. You can join a webconference live by clicking on "Join".

In case course instructors do not directly plan their webconferences via MyLEARN, they will send you a link to join.

Campus map tool

You can use WU’s interactive campus map to locate rooms and offices on Campus WU. At the left-hand side of the map window, you can find a variety of points of interest.

You can use the route planner feature (“routing”) to find the fastest way of getting from point A to point B on Campus WU.

Booking project rooms

If you would like to prepare a presentation or work on a case study or project, you can book one of the project rooms available on campus. Booking project rooms is free of charge.

Before booking a room, please carefully read the terms and conditions and instructions.

WU library catalog

All available library resources and their locations can be found in the library catalog.

The WU University Library maintains a collection of over 660,000 books, about 130,000 eBooks, 670 printed journals, 25,000 eJournals, and 140 databases. Not only the largest library for economics and business in Austria, the WU University Library also ranks among the most extensive of its kind in the German-speaking countries.

WU has three branch libraries:

  • OMV Central Library

  • Library for Law

  • Library for Social Sciences

Details about the respective branch libraries can be found here.

Please note the library opening hours.

PC labs

PC labs are located in the basements of buildings LC and TC. PC labs in the TC building are open for student use at scheduled times. PC labs in the LC building are usually accessible 24/7. Please use your student ID card to access the labs.

Printers and scanners are also available. Each student has a printing account on their student ID card and can print 50 pages per semester free of charge from the PC lab computers. Additional printing credits can be purchased at the IT Support Center (cash only). Scanners are located in the library in the LC building and are available free of charge.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

By using a VPN connection, you receive an IP-address within the network address space of the WU. This allows you to access restricted services e.g. library catalogs, certain e-books or databases which may be only accesible within the WU network. Students can download the VPN client application (GlobalProtect VPN Client) free of charge.