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Semester abroad

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As a student in the Master's in Economics program, you can spend a semester abroad at one of WU's partner universities. WU and the Master's in Economics program are well-integrated into the European Education Area, allowing for seamless study across European borders. WU also has a strong global network of international partner universities. An exchange semester offers interesting opportunities to deepen and broaden your understanding of the field. The Master's in Economics program curriculum is flexible allowing you to transfer credits earned abroad. The "pre-recognition" system ensures smooth credit tranfer. Please be sure to apply for pre-recognition before you attend a partner university.

Getting ready to go abroad

Most exchange opportunities are offered during the winter semester (i.e. in the third semester of your studies). A smaller number of spots are available for the summer semester. Please note that it takes about one year to complete the application process. So you should start planning in your first or second semester if you want to go abroad.

Course Abroad

Our curriculum offers you the option to design your own area of specialization choosing from the large number of field courses offered at our international partner universities. As the field courses offered at WU, the Course Abroad covers a specific field of applied economics (as opposed to a course that focuses on economic models or methods).
Check eligibility of your desired course in the course of the pre-recognition process.

The International Office at WU coordinates all exchange programs and helps you plan your stay by providing info sessions for all WU students. In addition, an info session specifically for economics students is organized by the MSc in Economics program team each winter semester. Find the slides of the latest info session below.

Info Slides Program Team
Info Slides Program Team
Slides International Office
Slides International Office