Introductory Phase

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The Master’s in Economics program starts with an introductory phase. During the first two months students complete the Foundations of Economics course. The course covers three areas:

  • microeconomics

  • macroeconomics

  • mathematical methods


Students prepare units before class and are expected to turn in homework. Please note that well-founded, prior knowledge in these areas is expected and that passing the final exam is a prerequisite for continuing on in the MSc in Economics program. Find more details in the course catalog.

Introductory Phase Info Session
Thursday October 1, 2020
Professors and tutors provide information about contents, attendance requirements, teaching methods, assessment etc. Students will form study groups. Please note that participation is mandatory.

Registration Period Introductory Phase/Foundation of Economics
Registration is open from September 1 to 29, 2020. Please register via LPIS. You will need a student ID number to register.