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International Conference

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WU hosted international conference on telecommunications

The International Telecommunications Society's (www.itsworld.org) annual European conference returned to Vienna this year after 16 years: The "23rd European Regional ITS Conference" was held at WU from July 1 to July 5. The local organizers were WU's Research Institute for Regulatory Economics, SBR Juconomy Consulting AG, and the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR-GmbH).

Some 175 experts in telecommunications science and business participated in the European Regional ITS Conference 2012, which focused on current developments and regulatory issues mainly in the areas of net neutrality, sector-specific regulation and broadband expansion, the substitution effect between fixed-link and mobile networks in communication markets, information and communication technologies (ICT) & energy markets, allocation of mobile communications frequencies, new developments in the EU regulatory framework, as well as convergence and innovation in the field of communication technologies.
High-profile speakers
The welcome address was given on the evening before the official opening by Klaus Gugler, Head of WU's Research Institute for Regulatory Economics, and Erik Bohlin, Chair of the International Telecommunications Society. After the official opening by WU's Rector Christoph Badelt and Erik Bohlin, the keynote speeches were given by representatives of the regulatory authorities (Georg Serentschy, CEO RTR-GmbH), the industry (Wolfgang Kniese, CFO T-Mobile Austria, and Ernst-Olav Ruhle, CEO SBR Juconomy Consulting AG) and research: Georg Götz (Justus Liebig University Giessen) spoke about regulation and investment, Johannes Bauer (Michigan State University) about innovation in ICT eco-systems, and Simon Schlauri (University of Zürich, Sunrise Communications AG) about net neutrality issues.
Over 100 individual contributions followed, organized according to the themes of the Conference. The Conference was followed by the 3rd PhD Seminar of the International Telecommunications Society.
For further information in the Conference, please visit: www.ITSeuropeanconference2012.org
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