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Integration Management with SAP R/3

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In scheduling, the system calculates the start and finish dates of orders or of operations within an order.
Scheduling is carried out in

Material requirements planning: The in-house production times and the delivery times specified in the material master record are taken into account.
Capacity planning: Scheduling is carried out using routings. A distinction is made between lead time scheduling, in which capacity loads are not taken into account, and finite scheduling in which capacity loads are taken into account.

Networks: Scheduling calculates the earliest and latest dates for the execution of the activities as well as the capacity requirements and the floats.
The following scheduling types exist:

Forward scheduling: scheduling starting from the start dateBackward scheduling: scheduling starting from the finish date
Scheduling to current date: scheduling starting from the current date
Today scheduling: a scheduling type which can be used to reschedule an order if the start date is in the past.
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