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Open FI Interface

German Translation

Offenes FI Interface


Accounting with SAP R/3

Short Description

The R/3 components G/L accounting and accounts receivable/payable accounting provide publish & subscribe interfaces, which inform other R/3 application components or external interested parties (partners, customers) that certain events (such as document entered) have taken place in financial accounting as well as provide the data generated. The interested parties can then access this data with their own subsequent processing, but cannot return any data to the FI components above.
SAP Business Workflow uses these interfaces to create events of object types defined in the Business Object Repository from their events (referred to as "open FI events" below). These events can then be used as normal, for example as triggering events of a workflow.
When there is an open FI event the system calls a function module, which then creates the BOR event. To do this, this function module "converts" the data from the open FI event into the format suitable for the event and creates the appropriate event for the open FI event. The function module has a parameter interface and implementation which are appropriate for the open FI event.
For every open FI event that can be linked to an event, SAP provides a suitable function module with appropriate interface and implementation.
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