Fünf Studierende sitzen im Halbkreis in der Wiese vor dem D2

Social Program

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ISUWU participants can benefit from various cultural and social activities organized by the ISUWU team. These activities give participants the opportunity to get to know life in Vienna, Austria and their fellow students at the same time.

What social activities can I expect?

What is the Intercultural Evening?

Will I have to pay to take part in the social activities?

The social and cultural programs were a great combination of marvelous planning of a unique cultural Viennese experience and networking events that helped to get to know other participants and get a taste of a typical Vienna life.

Stefaniia Parubets (Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine)

I will never forget the Intercultural Evening, where we had the chance to make a performance to represent our respective cultures in a fun and creative way. The level of creativity and commitment from the participants made the event a success.

Sebastian van Dijkman (Lund University School of Economics and Management, Sweden)

I have to say the vineyard experience was a very special moment that I will cherish in the future. To be with members of the course, taking photos together, sharing jokes and wine with beautiful scenery, planning trips together and sharing our experiences, was magical!

Louis Boulton (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)