Fünf Studierende sitzen im Halbkreis in der Wiese vor dem D2

International Summer University WU

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If you are a WU student interested in the ISUWU - please find more information here.

Program Dates 2022

July program:
July 11 - July 29, 2022

August program:
August 1 - August 19, 2022

ISUWU stands for ...

"I" for international academic education

"S" for social networking

"U" for unique intercultural experiences

Video ISU WU


from WUtv

The classroom was not a typical one in which the professor shared his knowledge. It was rather a platform in which ideas and perspectives from all around the world came together. The leisure program helped me make friends from all around the world, explore other cultures and wander around beautiful Vienna. This program did not only enrich my academic knowledge but it helped me grow as a person. I really wish that I will be able to meet the ISU WU students again. Maybe in future business meetings! And maybe in beautiful Vienna!

Nadine AbdelWahab - (The American University of Cairo)