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Bangkok Summer School on International Business and Sustainable Development

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The Bangkok Summer School on International Business and Sustainable Development is a three-week program organized in cooperation with the College of Management - Mahidol University (CMMU), which takes place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Important Information at a Glance

  • Topic: International Business and Sustainable Development

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

  • Program dates: August 26 - September 13, 2024

  • Level and participants: Bachelor’s students (advanced)

  • Credits: 8 ECTS credits

Program Details

Academic Program

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Impressions of former participants

Luisa Lackner
Luisa Lackner
Participant, Bangkok Summer Schoool 2022

"The Bangkok Summer School or in general any Summer School is a great opportunity to broaden someone’s horizon without having to commit to a full semester abroad. Furthermore, it is the perfect combination between academical and professional development as well as having fun, making meaningful connections, and getting out of the own comfort zone."

Click here for the full interview with Luisa to find out more about her experience in Bangkok.

Jessica Eckler
Jessica Eckler
Participant, Bangkok Summer School 2022

"The Bangkok Summer School helped me to overcome my own personal limitations and get involved in something completely new, which I have never done before (...) These experiences and impressions have shaped me for life and will continue to encourage me to engage in new things and grow as a person."

Last update: August 2023; All information is subject to change