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Master Thesis

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The master thesis is an academic paper which demonstrates our students' ability to independently cover a topic and answer specific research questions using academic methods. In addition to meeting academic standards, students have to demonstrate their ability to translate the knowledge they have acquired in the course of the program to real-world marketing decision problems.

The master thesis is required to be empirical. Thus, students will make use of primary (e.g., survey or experimental) and/or secondary data, employ quantitative and/or qualitative methods to analyze the acquired datasets, or extensively work on case studies using real-world data sets. While original empirical research is expected to be the norm for master theses, in very rare cases conceptual work (such as theoretical syntheses, novel theories, or analytical models of previously unexplored phenonema) might be accepted as well. However, required efforts and expectations from students working exclusively on conceptual papers are typically much higher than in the case of empirical research.

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