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Alejandro Ruiz

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Photograph: César Alejandro Ruiz

Alejandro Ruiz studied Law at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) earning a Law Degree with the thesis title: "The Constitutional Hierarchy of International Agreements on Fundamental Rights". He also studied Taxation at Universidad Panamericana (UP) earning a Master in Tax Lax Degree. He then studied International Taxation at University of Florida earning a LL.M. in International Taxation with the research topic "The adoption of the American Economic Substance Doctrine in the Mexican Legal System".

He has worked as Tax Attorney with the Former President of the Mexican Academy of Tax Law, Augusto Fernández Sagardi; Adviser for the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice; and Secretary for a Federal Administrative Court in Mexico City.

Since September 2011 he has been studying for his doctorate degree in the DIBT Program at WU.

Core Discipline: Law