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Doktoratsstudium / PhD / PhD-Studium International Business Taxation / Internationaler/kein österreichischer Studienabschluss eines Diplom- oder Masterstudiums
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Enrollment period for the winter semester 2024/25: July 10, 2024 - October 31, 2024

Making an appointment online

The possibility to make an appointment starts two weeks before the general enrollment period begins or after you have been informed about the results of the selection procedures.

Please make an appointment for your admission online – please check your personal details and educational data for completeness first. The survey at the beginning of your studies must also be completed. An appointment can only be booked when you have completed these points!     

Please log in with your email address and your password and choose an appointment on the last page. If you do not keep your chosen appointment, please cancel it in time so that another student can book it.

If you already are a WU student or were a WU student in the past, please send us an email during the admission period to from your WU account or from a private email address with a copy of your ID card.


For enrollment you will have to submit the following original documents plus one copy together with the confirmation of admission:

  • Degree certificate

  • Offical transcript

  • Valid passport

Please note that any documents issued in a language other than German or English must be submitted accompanied by a certified translation. The German or English translations must be done by a certified, court-approved translator officially recognized by the issuing country. Please read the legalization and translation regulations which apply to documents which were not issued in Austria.

Please note: If you need a visa, we recommend to submit the required original documents immediately after the receipt of the admission confirmation. If you require a residence permit (visa) to study in Austria, you will need to submit an official admission notice from the University to the Austrian representative authority (embassy, consulate) in your home country. The confirmation of admission is not sufficient when applying for a residence permit. Please note that we cannot issue an official admission notice until we have inspected all of the required original documents. Entry into Austria