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Workshop offer

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Raimo Rudi Rumpler

Note: Since our workshops include interactive and creative elements, we offer our workshops in person. An online participation is not intended.

In collaboration with other WU units, the International Office offers workshops to aid students in crafting motivational letters and preparing emotionally as well as mentally for longer stays abroad.

Workshop: Writing a motivation letter for a stay abroad

In cooperation with the WU ZBP Career Center, the International Office offers workshops on motivational letters. The workshops focus on how to structure a letter of motivation and what should be included in it. The methods and tips taught will help you when writing a motivation letter for a stay abroad.

Dates in summer semester 2024

Workshop: Make the most of your time abroad

This workshop with Student Counselling prepares students mentally and emotionally for their time abroad. In detail, it is about self-initiative, adaptability, self-reflection and positive emotions (keyword: understanding and steering emotions). Daniela Razocher from WU’s Student Counselling leads the workshop and is an expert in embodiment.

  • Target group: Nominated bachelor’s and master’s students

  • Location: D2.0.374

  • Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Dates in summer semester 2024