Studierende nutzen die freie Lernflächen im TC

Structure & Content

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First Year

In the first semester fundamental courses provide the basis for an in-depth understanding of how companies develop corporate and business strategies (strategy development) and how they can translate their strategies into employee action (strategy implementation). The second semester is dedicated to the contextualization and integration of the program's core subjects. You are provided with the opportunity to apply and deepen the knowledge gained from the introductory courses in a comprehensive way.

Second Year

Building on this solid foundation you have the opportunity to specialize by choosing four out of numerous electives and start to prepare and write your master theses. In addition, a business project is organized in cooperation with our corporate partners which offers the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real life problems or a garage course is offered which allows you to develop your own start-up idea.

The program's flexible structure allows you to spend one or two semesters of your second year of studies at one of our prestigious partner universities. For selected students we provide the opportunity to join a double degree program. For more information please see Exchange and Double Degree.

3rd and 4th semester (60 ECTS-credits)