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In business life, a reminder (concerning payment) may be a letter, a copy of the invoice or statement of account, or a printed notice, etc., sent by a supplier to the buyer if the latter has not paid for the goods and/or services on time. The purpose of sending a reminder is to bring the amount overdue to the customer's attention. When sending copies of invoices or statements as reminders, many firms add a rubber-stamped notation (e.g., 'account overdue - please remit'), a printed card, etc.. Sometimes a reminder is included in an offer or sales letter sent to a customer (hidden reminder). If the reminder does not produce any results, it is usually followed by more severely worded 'collection letters'. In each letter that is written the request for payment becomes more insistent and urgent than in the previous one. In the final collection letter, the supplier demands payment and warns the customer that drastic steps will be taken unless payment is made immediately. Such steps may be, for example, drawing a sight draft for collection through the customer's bank, or turning the account over to a collection agency or a lawyer. The number of reminders and collection letters sent to a customer before action is taken varies according to circumstances. [vgl.: Obenaus/Weidacher (1990), S. 308]