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Number Ranges

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Accounting with SAP R/3

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Range of numbers that you can assign to business objects - or their sub-objects - of the same type. Examples of such objects are business partners, G/L accounts, orders, posting documents and materials.
Each number range has one or more number range intervals and a number assignment type.

There are two types of number assignment:

< Internal
When storing a data record, the R/3 System automatically assigns a sequential number, which lies in the relevant number range interval.

In this case, the number is assigned by the user or by an external system, both of whom must ensure that the number lies in the relevant number range interval.

Domestic business partners:
Number range 01, number range interval 100,000 - 199,999, internal assignment Foreign business

Number range 02, number range interval 200,000 - 299,999, external assignment
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