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Integration Management with SAP ECC


Understand the implementation of Production and logistics in an ERP system and its integration into management accounting.

  • Sales: Using a standard sales process the structure and basic functioning of an integrated information system is demonstrated; fundamental concepts, such as Customizing or Master Data Management, are introduced.

  • The cost accounting part of a manufacturing company is introduced: cost and activity planning, allocations, activity price calculation.

  • Master data for the MRP process: Implementation of the organizational structure, materials master and material planning , product structure, cost centre planning and work centres, linkage between cost accounting and production/logistics, work centres and their capacity, routings.

  • MRP and accounting: Deriving sales projections and primary requirements, MRP, planned production orders and purchase requisitions, customizing the MRP process, linking MRP to accounting.

  • Procurement logistics and accounting: Master data in procurement, information records, processing the purchase requisitions produced by the MRP run and deriving purchase orders; delivery and billing of the items ordered.

  • Production planning and control: Entering and checking production orders, lot splitting/summarizing, capacity planning and smoothing; process-oriented customizing with respect to scheduling, availavility check, calculation schemes, and order execution/confirmation.

  • NEW in the 3rd Edition - Project-oriented manufacturing: Project planning and execution, linking project management to procurement and production; records management.

Learning Outcomes

Every student implements the business case in a separate virtual company in SAP ECC. Students perform all steps which have to be implemented also in a real-world implementation project and apply pertinent planning methods, such as Entity-Relationship Modeling or Event-Driven Process Chains.

In all steps, students are confronted with a business case and have to implement the case in SAP ECC including the customizing of the case.