Our Impact in Research


As a responsible university, contributing to public discourse and proposing research-based solutions to today’s challenges are among our most important jobs.

In 2019, we presented our first publication detailing our research’s impact on society and support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We selected 30 research projects, based on the sustainable impact of their results. For example, they found that WU’s work contributes to reducing credit risks in the euro area and optimizing tax laws and, consequently, helps to improve overall economic conditions. WU is also laying the necessary groundwork for digitalization, for instance by helping protect people’s privacy in the digital sphere and developing new quality control systems for making open data more widely accessible. WU’s research provides a solid scientific basis to help decision-makers take steps towards reducing poverty and resource consumption, and it contributes to climate protection efforts by helping to design more efficient emissions trading systems. The knowledge generated also helps to improve the barrier-free accessibility of guidance systems and strengthen the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Research Impact
Our Research Impact
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