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Project Administration

The Research Service Center Team supports WU’s researchers in acquiring third-party funding for research projects and assists PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers in finding appropriate sources of financial support (e.g. habilitation grants). On this page, we have put together some useful information about the administrative aspects of research project management.

Application reviews
The research service centre has to check applications / offers if they have to be signed by the Vice Rector for Research and Personnel or if they have to be checked according to WU's Third-Party Funding Directive.

The Research Service is also happy to provide advice on applications, budgeting and submission of applications that do not necessarily have to be checked by the Vice Rector for Research and Personnel.

Information on administrative project management (reporting procedures, expense compensation, etc.)

Pursuant to the Universities Act 2002 (Universitätsgesetz, UG 2002), third-party-funded research projects can be classed into two categories:

§ 26: Academic staff act as project contractors (ad personam, i.e. the project head is the signatory); project head is personally liable (with his/her private assets) (e.g. FWF, OeNB Anniversary Fund projects)

§ 27: The university acts as contractor, with a natural person as a representative (project conducted on behalf of the university, i.e. the head of the respective organizational unit is the signatory); liability is borne by the university (e.g. EU FP7, WWTF, WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna projects)

Please see our third-party funding website for detailed information on all the required administrative procedures, from project launch to all required accounting procedures and the project close-out phase. The website also lists all relevant contacts at WU’s administrative units who are available to answer questions on all the various aspects of the administration of third-party-funded research projects. (login required)

For information on key data (WU bank accounts, WU’s VAT no., etc.), regulations regarding overhead costs, and frequently asked questions about the various funding programs (Horizon 2020 etc.), please see the FAQ section (currently available in German only).