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Research and Teaching

WU is known for high quality, internationally recognized and competitive research performance. To maintain this high standard, WU depends on support from individuals in addition to public and institutional funding. University research transfer gives our partners access to academic knowledge and state-of-the-art research findings. Research cooperations between the university and its sponsors provide excellent long-term research & development opportunities.

The WU Gutmann Center for Portfolio Management is an excellent example for a successful joint-venture between academia and the business community. In this long-term cooperation, Bank Gutmann AG supports the research activities at WU's Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics. This sponsorship has contributed considerably to WU Gutmann Center's position as an internationally renowned institution. It offers top-level symposia, seminars and lectures, providing a platform for a regular exchange of ideas and knowledge between academic researchers and practitioners from the business community.

Endowed Chairs & Professorships

Endowed Chairs are named professorships funded and supported by companies, private sponsors or foundations.

Endowed Chairs & Professorships make it possible to considerably expand WU's research and teaching activities, oriented towards the demands of the international scientific community. Establishing Endowed Chairs provides fresh impulses for university research and effectively widens the academic spectrum.

Endowments not only enhance a company's corporate image, but also give organizations the opportunity to support research and teaching in areas important to the sector and the individual company, and gain access to particularly promising graduates as potential employees.

One such example is the very successful Endowed Chair at the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which has been funded for the last seven years by institutions like Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Berndorf AG, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, the Vienna Economic Chamber and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

In this case, several institutions and companies are cooperating to support the endowment, linking their names with the field of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and improving their public image.

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Funding an Endowed Chair strengthens the links between companies and the university. Sponsorship provides donors with numerous benefits, including:

  • The Endowed Chair or Professorship can be named after your company or institution

  • Intensive contact to the scientific community

  • Academic topics of interest can be assigned to master and bachelor students for research

  • Access to students in seminars and lectures

  • Comprehensive public relations and communications activities

Research Institutes

The objectives of these mostly interdisciplinary, interdepartmental research clusters are to increase and improve research at WU and to strengthen contacts to the business community. The University's most important research areas are concentrated in the Research Institutes and reflect the diversity of academic work at WU.

The Research Institute for CEE Legal Studies, for example, is sponsored by a Supporters' Society (Förderverein) founded in 1992 especially for this purpose. The Society includes over 130 members from internationally active companies and various legal professions, from Austria and many other countries.

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In today's competitive global economy, the successful transfer of knowledge between the scientific and business communities is more important than ever. Sponsoring a Research Institute can help strengthen the connections between academic activities and the work of businesses and institutions. Sponsorship provides donors with numerous benefits, including:

  • Being named as a supporter of the Research Institute

  • Knowledge transfer on research output

  • Application of research findings

  • Events with WU experts can be organized by companies for their clients and/or staff on various topics, e.g. CSR, human resources, finance & accounting

  • Comprehensive public relations and communications activities

Guest Professorships

By funding Guest Professorships, companies can help the university recruit renowned university professors and top researchers from all over the world. Guest Professorships allow the university to intensify its cooperation with top international faculty. This is beneficial for WU's research and teaching, and can lead to valuable network partnerships. Guest Professors working at WU for one or more semesters are usually active both in teaching and research.

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Sponsorship provides donors with numerous benefits, including:

  • The Guest Professorship can be named after your company or institution

  • Your company name appears on business cards and stationery

  • All communications materials used in the context of the Professorship will bear your company's name

  • Comprehensive public relations and communications activities