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International case competitions

Welcome to the world of case competitions, where knowledge meets real-world challenges. We believe in empowering WU students to excel in global business environments.

Here is why you should consider participating in a case competition:

  • Participating in a case competition offers an opportunity to strengthen your problem-solving skills, to enhance your strategic thinking, and to gain valuable hands-on experience.

  • By forming teams and representing WU Vienna on the international stage, you cultivate teamwork skills as well as intercultural competencies.

  • Engage with peers from diverse backgrounds and tackle complex business scenarios.

Recommended case competitions

A group of students sitting outside. They are discussing how to participate at an international case competition.

Note: If you are interested in participating in one of the case competitions listed below, contact the organizing institution directly.

RSM STAR Case Competition

AUC School of Business International Case Competition

International Case Competition @ Maastricht (ICC@M)