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Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy

Structure & Content

The Master Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy is a full-time program which takes 4 semesters. Over the course of studies students acquire theory-based knowledge, methodological skills as well as the ability to apply these in an interdisciplinary context.

(Optional) Bridging Courses

Each one-week course allows students to review basic material before beginning ther MSc studies.

1st Semester – Foundation

You study global challenges and socioeconomic theories in detail and learn basic methodology.

2nd Semester – In-depth Knowledge

You deepen your knowledge of global challenges and socioeconomic theories and of basic methodology and become familiar with your two chosen concentration areas.

3rd Semester – Specialized Expertise

You advance quickly to specialized expertise and real-world applications. The main courses will be in the concentration areas and you will explore interdependencies between the subjects.

4th Semester – Synthesis

You develop and hone your research skills through a research seminar and writing your thesis.
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