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Questions regarding the Application Process

Q: I have not yet completed my bachelor’s degree. Can I still apply for the master’s program in Business Communication (BizComm)?

Q: I have completed/I am completing a bachelor’s degree in an area outside of Business and Economics (e.g. political science, communication science, international relations, etc.). Can I apply for the master’s program BizComm?

Q: What are the steps in the application procedure of the master’s program BizComm?

Q: Which requirements do I have to fulfill in order to apply?

Q: How can I register online?

Q: Until when do I have to register online and submit my application?

Q: By when do I have to apply for the master’s program BizComm if I'm not a EU/EEA-citizen?

Q: What happens once I submit my application?

Q: Do I have to travel to Vienna for the selection procedure?

Q: I have received an invitation for the group call. What happens now?

Q: When will the group call take place?

Q: What happens during the group call? What questions will be asked?

Q: When can I expect a decision on my application?

Q: Can I apply again if my application has been rejected?

Q: Who is supposed to write the letter of recommendation?

Q: What should be the content of the letter of recommendation?

Q: Do I have to upload the letter of recommendation myself?

Q: When is the official starting date for courses in the master's program BizComm?

General Questions

Q: Does WU offer scholarships?

Q: How high are tuition fees at WU?

Q: Does WU offer student accommodation?

Q: Can I book an appointment to ask questions about the master’s program?

Q: I would like to know more about studying at WU as an international student. Where can I find more information?

Q: Can I participate in the master’s program Business Communication online?

Q: Where can I find more information about the content of the program? For example, online course work material or recorded lectures?

Q: Do you offer pre-master’s programs/refresher courses/language courses?

Studying abroad during the master's program BizComm

Q: Is it possible to study abroad during the master's program?

Q: At which universities is it possible to complete an exchange semester during the master's program BizComm?

Q: I have read that there is the possibility to gain a Double Degree during the master's program BizComm. How does that work?