Master Digital Economy

Business Process and Risk Management

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Learning Objectives:

Students will learn to understand, design, implement and test IT-facilitated business processes using business process management software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems (SAP) with a special focus on capturing controls to safeguard business objectives and mitigate related risks.

While course I will allow students to extend the conceptual background needed for process and risk management, course II will provide a hands-on applied learning experience.

Specialization Content:

The specialization aims at developing the following content:

  • A firm conceptual grounding in advanced process and risk management in the digital economy

  • Techniques for designing and implementing interrelated process, data and risk models for the achievement of given process and control objectives

  • Multi-step development of exemplary business processes including risks, resources, data, and controls, and their implementation through customizing an ERP system

  • Domain knowledge needed for the cases and processes (sales, procurement, production)