Master Digital Economy

Data Management and Analytics

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Assuming familiarity with basic data management and storage techniques (such as ER models and SQL), which if needed will be repeated in a bridging course, we will in this master class we will focus on more advanced 

databases, storage and data management techniques, analytical queries and how to make such tasks scale with big data (i.e. high volume, high velocity or highly heterogeneous data. To this end, we will review traditional indexing techniques and methods to deal with concurrent data access and discuss trands in Data Management and Analytics. Moreover, we will recap Data Analytics Techniques and discuss how these can be scaled.

  • Advanced SQL

  • From Unstructured to Structured Data: Challenges in Data Pre-Processing, Normal Forms and "tidy" data

  • Indexing Techniques  and Query Optimization

  • Modern Database Systems (NoSQL, Graph Databases, Stream Processing)

  • Database Access with Python and R for solving Analytical Tasks

  • Storing, Managing and Analyzing unstructured Data (e.g. Text Documents, Multimedia)