Master Digital Economy

Business Project

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Learning Objectives:

Students will learn to distinguish and understand a range of business project management approaches and methods, and analyse the impact of resource constraints and project complexity on achieving project goals in the digital economy. Furthermore, students will learn to apply theoretical insights to developing comprehensive project proposals in particular in response to open calls for tenders considering the specific constraints, tools and mechanism of projects in different contexts of digitalization.

Course Content:

This course aims at developing the following content:

  • A conceptual grounding in business project management in the digital economy

  • Techniques for time, cost, quality and risk planning, and monitoring for the achievement of a focussed project objective

  • Multi-step development of comprehensive project proposals including the critical use of the most appropriated methods and an understanding of typical risks involved in project implementation

  • Domain knowlege needed for the project proposal

  • Effective problem solving, effective communication, effective self-management, learning to learn, effective teamworking, interpersonal and research skills