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Ukraine special exchange program

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In order to support Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions and its students in the current war situation, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) launches a special exchange program in the academic year 2022/23.

For this purpose, WU opens 80 special exchange study places throughout the academic year 22/23 (winter or summer term) for students of selected Ukrainian Universities and for individual applicants.

Nominated students for the special exchange program will be able to attend regular courses at WU and obtain credits which shall count towards studies at their home university. The main idea is therefore to support academic progress of students affected by war and also avoid the brain drain, since students will be able to continue and complete their studies in Ukraine. In addition to the numerous courses in English, which cover the core courses in almost all areas of economics, these students could then also demonstrate experience abroad, which of course represents a significant improvement in their chances on the job market.

This special exchange program is made possible thanks to the general support of WU's partners. Thank you!