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Studies at WU Vienna for CEU students

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Would you like to enrich your CEU studies? The cooperation between WU and CEU (Central European University) will allow you to attend one or two bachelor’s level courses at WU parallel to your regular studies at CEU.

Course Offer

  • At WU, you will be able to attend bachelor-level courses in the areas of economics and socioeconomics.

  • If you are a master level student, you may also attend master-level courses in the areas of economics and socioeconomics.

  • If you are a PhD student, you may attend courses from WU’s Doctoral Program in the areas of economics & finance if the respective course instructors agree.

  • Please check the detailed list of available courses (list available in early July for winter semester courses or in early January for summer semester courses).

  • Alternatively or additionally, you can also use our course catalog. (available from June 21, 2024)

  • You are allowed to attend a maximum of two courses at WU.

  • Please indicate the courses you would like to attend in your application.

  • Please note: If your application is accepted, you need to enroll at WU through WU's admissions office in person! (Appointment necessary)

  • Detailed information will be provided to all accepted students.

Application Requirements

The exchange is open for CEU students who are actively enrolled in one of the programs running at the CEU Vienna campus. Students can only apply for courses of their respective level. (i.e. bachelor's students can only apply for bachelor level courses.) At the time of application, students must have completed at least a minimum of one year full-time studies.

Application Process

  • Make sure that WU’s course offer meets your needs and interests and that you fulfill the pre-requisites for the course(s) you would like to attend.

  • Fill in the online-application form for CEU students (this includes questions on your motivation).

  • Upload your official transcript of records and proof of enrollment in a bachelor's program at CEU in the application form.

  • All applications will be evaluated by WU's International Office and you will be contacted for further steps.

  • CEU students will be enrolled as non-degree exchange students at WU and will have to pay the ÖH students union dues at WU as well as at CEU!

  • Up to 15 places are available for CEU students each semester.

Application Deadlines

For start and end dates of the academic terms, please see WU's academic calendar.

Application deadline

  • for WU winter semester (October - January): July 31 

  • for WU summer semester (March - June): January 7

Credit Transfer

At the end of your study term at WU, you can download an official transcript of records which you will need for the credit transfer process at CEU. Your transcript will be ready once ECTS credits have been added by our examination office. For general questions concerning the credit transfer, including transfer options, please contact your home institution.