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Admission requirements
  • Admission to the bachelor’s program is only possible if you have successfully completed the selection procedure and meet the formal requirements.
  • Admission to the bachelor’s program is only possible during the general enrollment period, which ends on September 5 for the winter semester. Admission during the extended enrollment period is only possible in exceptional cases and on specific grounds. You can find the specific grounds at the end of this page.


Making an appointment online

The possibility to make an appointment starts two weeks before the general enrollment period begins or after you have been informed about the results of the selection procedures.

Please make an appointment for your admission online – please check your personal details and educational data for completeness first. The survey at the beginning of your studies must also be completed. An appointment can only be booked when you have completed these points!     

Please log in with your email address and your password and choose an appointment on the last page. If you do not keep your chosen appointment, please cancel it in time so that another student can book it.

If you already are a WU student or were a WU student in the past, please send us an email during the admission period to from your WU account or from a private email address with a copy of your ID card.

Complete the application form

Please complete the application form.

Digital photo

A digital photo is required for your student ID card.

  • Option 1: You can upload a passport photo during the online pre-registration process.

  • Option 2: You can take a photo using one of the self-service terminals in front of the Study Service Center.
    Please save this photo together with your email address and password.

Present your documents

You have to present the following documents in person at the Study Service Center/International Admissions:

  • Completed application form

  • Secondary school leaving certificate/degree certificate plus list of grades (final transcript) for an academic degree program with a duration of at least three years

  • If required: translated and legalized secondary school leaving certificate or Degree certificate plus list of grades (final transcript)

  • Passport or national identity card

  • One of the following valid English certificates:

    • A positive grade in English on a secondary school leaving certificate issued by a school in the EU, the EEC or Switzerland

    • TOEFL 85 (official or unofficial test report)

    • IELTS 6.0 (official or unofficial test report)

    • Cambridge English: First (FCE-​B2), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), BEC Higher (Business English Certificate Higher), BEC Vantage (Business English Certificate Vantage)

    • Oxford Test of English (at least 126 points): This exam is offered p.e. by WU Business Language Center

    • Documentation proving that English is your first language

  • CV with a continuous presentation of your education (no gaps)

  • One copy of each of the required original documents

Payment of tuition fees

You have to pay your tuition fees or Students’ Union (ÖH) dues every semester. If you fail to make the payments, your enrollment will expire.

Payment of your tuition fees/students’ union (ÖH) dues

BBE Welcome Days

The program starts with the BBE Welcome Days at the beginning of the winter semester. During the welcome days you will get to know your fellow students and our faculty. The program director will salute you and you will discover the campus and Vienna in small groups. We will provide you with important information on BBE, our services, and tools. You will go on a scavenger hunt through Vienna with your team. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! We will provide you with detailed information by e-mail in August.

Admission during the extended enrollment period

Admission to a bachelor’s program is only possible during the general enrollment period. In exceptional cases, you can apply for admission during the extended enrollment period on certain grounds specified by law. In such cases, please use the appropriate application form (PDF format) and enclose the relevant certificate or confirmation.

The following exceptional grounds are acceptable:

  • Failing a selection, admission, or entrance procedure or the introductory and orientation phase (STEOP) for another degree program, if the negative result was received after August 31 for the winter semester.

  • Completion of general university entrance qualification after August 31 for the winter semester

  • A period of compulsory military service, alternative civilian service, or a voluntary year of community service (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr), if the applicant was in active service as of August 31, or if the applicant was conscripted to service as of these dates but eventually did not take up service or interrupted or terminated the service before the end of the extended enrollment period

  • Documented unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances beyond the applicant’s control that prevent the applicant from meeting the applicable deadline

  • Inability to submit the application during the general enrollment period due to work obligations or internships

  • Inability to submit the application during the general enrollment period due to a stay abroad