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Best Paper Award for Nadine Schröder and Thomas Reutterer

02. November 2020

Nadine Schröder and Thomas Reutterer, together with their co-authors Andreas Falke and Harald Hruschka from the University of Regensburg, received the 2019 Best Paper Award from the Journal of Interactive Marketing for their article „Analyzing the Browsing Basket: A Latent Interests-Based Segmentation Tool“.

In their article they propose an easy-to-implement two-step procedure for segmenting online users based on their internet browsing behavior. The method utilizes a topic model to uncover latent browsing interests and combines them in a second step into customer segments. They demonstrate the procedure to a large clickstream dataset of browsing behaviour across 472 websites, link the segment-specific combinations of latent browsing interests to purchase behavior and discuss potential use cases for online marketers.

The paper can be found here.

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