AI Summit Vienna 2017 with leading experts as speakers

We were more than happy to host the first AI Summit Vienna at WU Vienna. A set of five worl­d-­class experts shared their view on recent deve­lop­ments in the exciting field of (deep) machine learning and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence with an inte­rested audi­ence of 400+ parti­ci­pants. This unique event also shed light into current and future challanges faced by advanced industry AI appli­ca­tions at compa­nies like Google, Face­book, and Zalando.

Very nice and infor­ma­tive summa­ries of the AI Summit are avail­able via the WU Blog-Entry The rise of Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence and via WU-TV Video Clip.

The program and links to slide sets of the talks are avail­able at: http://mostly.ai/summit/ . Thanks to the WU-TV team videos of the talks are avail­able under the below links:

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