Blick in das LC Gebäude

Expert talk with Matt Chadder on the future of retailing

14. April 2021

On April 14th, we had the pleasure to welcome Matt Chadder, founder and CEO of instinct laboratory, as a guest lecturer in our expert talk series Praxisdialog Handel & Marketing.

Matt joined us on Zoom from his lovely office in Nottingham and provided interesting insight into his company and recent work. Instinct laboratory studies human decision-making, and offers solutions in retail strategy, design and creativity. It was inspiring to see a selection of the projects that Matt and his team of researchers, behavioural scientists, and designers have worked on around the globe for leading companies like ING, Oakley, Red Bull, or Swisscom.

According to Matt, there is a future for stationary retail in spite of digitalisation, as humans are social creatures and therefore will always want to meet. Social interaction between customers, as well as customers and staff, will become even more important, and a customer-centric approach is more relevant than ever. Besides, retail will have to try harder when it comes to integrating offline and online channels.

We are very grateful to Matt for sharing his expertise with us and answering all our questions. We hope to meet him in person at WU campus soon!

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