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Brown Bag Seminar - Martijn Boons

11. Juni 2024

Wir freuen uns, für 24.Juni 2024, ein Brown Bag Seminar ankündigen zu können.

Als Vortragenden dürfen wir Martijn Boons (Nova School of Business and Economics) begrüßen.

Er wird sein Paper "When do Investors Care About Fund Performance?" vorstellen.

Abstract: We revisit some of the most fundamental questions in the mutual fund literature using relatively high-frequency data on fund flows and returns. We show that weekly flows significantly respond to a single day of performance. More surprisingly, this flow-performance sensitivity is mainly driven by days with heightened investor attention, which we show to be days with unusually low market returns (``bad days'') using a novel dataset of traffic to financial websites. Further, in contrast to existing evidence at lower frequencies, flows respond to both out- and underperformance on bad days. These bad day flows represent smart money, because bad day outperformance is persistent and contributes significantly to unconditional fund outperformance. In turn, this persistence reveals specific bad day skill that we argue to be different from general managerial skill.  Overall, the marginal fund investor at higher frequency rewards fund managers with specific bad day skill, which highlights the importance of studying the interaction between fund and market returns for understanding the mutual fund market.

Das Brown Bag Seminar findet am 24.Juni 2024 von 12:30-13:30 Uhr im Raum D3.0.225 statt.

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