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Brown Bag Seminar - Justin Sydnor

21. Mai 2024

Wir freuen uns, für 05.Juni 2024, ein Brown Bag Seminar ankündigen zu können.

Als Vortragenden dürfen wir Justin Sydnor (Wisconsin School of Business) begrüßen.

Er wird sein Paper "Liquidity Constraints and the Value of Insurance" (joint with Keith Marzilli Ericson) vorstellen.

Abstract: Insurance moves resources across both time and states. We study the consumption-smoothing benefits of insurance under liquidity constraints in a model where contracts span multiple consumption periods. The normative benchmarks for insurance demand under liquidity constraints differ qualitatively and quantitatively from the standard model: individuals may only partially insure at actuarially fair prices, may benefit from insurance when premiums are very high and even sometimes when dominated, and may value insurance against events that will surely happen. Simulations for health insurance show that the alternative normative benchmark for liquidity-constrained individuals affects whether common choice patterns should be interpreted as mistakes.

Das Brown Bag Seminar findet am 05.Juni 2024 von 14:00-15:00 Uhr im Raum TC.4.05 statt.

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